Osus al alam provides the finest and most uniquely designed landscaping and design services. We have experienced staff that are highly capable of completing the landscaping projects of any size or complexity. As a professionally trained Landscape Contractor and Irrigation Contractor Osus al alam provides one of the finest services.

Products including Plant Nursery, Supply of Plants and Supply of Trees for adding value to your desired landscaping project. Substantially, from Hard-Landscaping to Soft-Landscaping, Depending upon the client’s needs, Landscape & Irrigation Department of Osus al alam is a creative source for complete landscape designing and quality installation services.

Our Landscape Contractor and Irrigation Contractor services include gardening, pavement, plantation, Sprinkler Irrigation, and Garden Design. Moreover, Drip IrrigationSurface Irrigation, lighting, garden furniture, wood trellis and others are included too. Systematically, there are numerous ways to work on your project by breaking it into smaller and manageable modules. Regular updates to the client for any changes are needed to strengthen our services more. Additionally, Osus al alam offers complete plantation plans, structuring locations, road locations, fencing design & construction and wind breaks.

Landscape Contractor is a professional who serves and maintains landscaping projects for client’s requirements. These services are not limited to just Gardening but they are way more than Planting trees and flowers. Starting from providing standardized service including supply of plants and trees to skillfully decide where to plant them.

Aesthetically, design your original idea and implement it as per your needs or choose from our project catalog. Guiding you and providing consultancy while working and supporting you to bring out the best landscaping designs for you.

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