On Site Installation, Operation & Maintenance

  • Tower Erection (Self Supporting, Guyed, Monopoles)
  • Installations of the GSM, CDMA Equipment (RBS, DDF, Batteries Backup, PDC, Transmissions Cabinets, earthing and Alarms systems)
  • Installations of the Antenna systems, Feeder cables, jumper cables, earthing kit, support on mast, monopole, or tower, and connectorization
  • Shelter Preparation & Installation
  • Testing and commissioning of the BSS system RBS, BTS and Antenna systems S.W.R and BR test
  • Antenna Optimization, auditing and down tilting
  • Microwave & Radio Systems Installation, Operation & Maintenance
  • RF Engineering and Cell planning
  • Site evaluations and measurement tests
  • Network Engineering
  • Radio Network Drive Test systems
  • MSC & BSC installations and supervision for the GSM systems
  • Operation and maintenance for the GSM systems

    Line Of Sight (LOS) 

    • Connectivity of Microwave Antenna between NE & FE
    • Matrix of NE & FE Sites
    • Survey between NE & FE
    • Path Profile during survey
    • LOS report using the s/w Pathloss ver. 4.0
    • For Critical LOS, applying tests such as Mirror Test, Helium Balloon Test  

      Rebalancing & Rehoming Activities 

      • The Rebalancing and Rehoming activities can be summarized but not restricted to the following:
      • Perform end-to-end testing of E1s as defined in the Rebalancing and Rehoming CWOs
      • Verify ADM and/or ISM DDF terminations as assigned in the related CWOs
      • Perform E1 hunting and CWO verification as needed prior to any actual field and/or NMS integration of BTS Rebalancing and Rehoming
      • Take corrective measures if the CWO is not implemented as designed
      • Update the CWO according to the As-Built if discrepancies were found between the design and the actual implementation of the CWO. This i s to happen i n Consultation with the proper customer departments
      • Provide materials and labor for cabling from the BSC to the ADM DDF
      • Provide materials and labor for cabling from the ADM DDF to the BTS and interim MW/BTS sites if applicable
      • Implementation of the Abis assignment on the BSCs
      • Implementation of the Abis E1’s cascading or de-cascading as designed in the BSS Engineering plans
      • Provide materials and labor for re-cabling and reconnecting the ABIS from one BSC ADM DDF to another
      • Provide materials and labor for cabling inside the BTS as a result of E1’s cascading and/or de-cascading as defined in the BSS plans
      • Provide manpower during the MDT and work closely with the office integration team
      • Perform troubleshooting if needed during the night of Rebalance and Rehome activities
      • Provide manpower to assist with Network Management integration activities
      • Perform basic call and call handover testing immediately after the Rebalancing and Rehoming integration
      • Perform additional tasks as requested by customer Integration team

      Drive Test Services

      Drive Testing is used to analyze and measure the capacity and coverage in a particular area by simulating what levels of service a user would experience in that area. It is also conducted to verify that the site is integrated/ upgraded/ swapped correctly and has no major performance and functional issues. It involves a DT engineer/ technician equipped with drive testing tools in a motor vehicle collecting a wide variety of physical parameter measurements and virtual parameter data and an optional “rigger”. It comprises of the following:

      • Drive Testing
      • Drive Test Data Collection
      • Equipment Required for Drive Testing
      • Industry Standard Post processing Tools
      • Drive Test Performance Measurements Reasons
      • Types of Drive Testing

      Project Details of LMM & MRS Projects

      • Line of Sight Survey
      • End to End Media testing (CWO)
      • Installation of MW to establish the Customer link
      • Commissioning of MW
      • Get the IP Design from the Customer
      • Installation of Cabinets in Equipment Room
      • Installation of Cisco Router
      • Configuration of the Router according to the IP Design
      • Testing the Internet Services
      • Preparing and Submission of the reports
      • Performing the PAT and Site Hand Over Activity

      Last Mile MW (EBU) Project

      The MW last mile link is to establish connectivity between the customer sites (identified STC) and the IPMPLS POP of STC, nearest to the customer site, as identified by STC across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      The MW last mile link should be delivered on turnkey basis. Scope of work Includes site survey, link budget and frequency analysis; and installation to commissioning; and activating the STC’s service over the links; and also provide Manage Services 24×7 for the links during its service period.

      Manage Router Service

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